Moscow Conference on
Computational Molecular Biology

MCCMB takes place at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, in the building of Biological Faculty.

See the map of the MSU campus with higlighted main points of MCCMB'15

Travel tips

Getting to the city center from airport

From each Moscow airport you can reach the city center by train. This train is called Aeroexpress (or "" in Cyrillic) and goes without stops to one of the Moscow railway stations. One-way ticket costs 470 rubles (or 530 for train + 1 metro trip).The timetable and details about the train could be found here:

If you go from the Sheremetyevo airport you arrive at "Belorusskiy vokzal", where you can change to "Belorusskaya" ("") metro station, from Domodedovo train goes to "Paveletskiy vokzal",where you can change to "Paveletskaya" ("") metro station, from Vnukovo train goes to "Kievskiy vokzal", where you can change to "Kievskaya" ("") metro station.

Navigating in metro

Entrances of the metro stations are marked with big read letter "M". You can buy tickets in a metro hall in a ticket office or a ticket machine. There are two options:

  • entry ticket for any type of public transportation (50 rubles for 1 trip),
  • 90 minutes ticket (60 rubles for 1 trip).
These tickets are valid not only for metro, but also for innercity buses, trolleys and trams.

On every metro station and inside trains there are metro maps both in Russian and English.

Each metro line has its own color, so in most cases if you need to change the line, you can follow the signs with the color of the line you need to change to. But in some cases it doesn't work that way, so we recommend you to write down the Cyrillic name of the station you are travelling to, so that you could find it on the map or a sign.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, it could be helpful to download Yandex.Metro application.

Getting to the MCCMB'15 venue

The MCCMB'15 venue is located near the "Universitet" ("") metro station. The exit from the station that you need is at the tail of the train (if you go from the city center).

It is about 20 minutes walk to the conference venue from there (see the map) or about 5 minutes by bus (187, 260, 130, 103, 113, 661, 47 or trolleybus 34) to the bus stop "Mendeleevskaya".

Traveling by taxi

To travel by taxi from the airports please book taxi only in official taxi offices, don't accept offers from independent drivers.

If you have a smarphone, the easiest way to go around the city by taxi is to install Yandex.Taxi application, and order taxi from there. The only downside is that most of the drivers don't understand English.

Uber also works in Moscow.

If you want to know more about english-speaking taxi services in Moscow please check the link (

Credit cards

Credit cards are generally accepted in Russia. You can pay with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and their debit versions) in hotels, restaurants, and large stores. However, taxis, and all types of public transportation would not accept them, as well as small eateries.

The Russian alphabet

Unfortunately, the street names and also the names of the metro stations are not always translated in English, so here you can find a useful table, that will help you to read Russian letters.

Russian CharacterEnglish EquivalentSound
Like "a" in car
B bLike "b" in bat
V vLike "v" in van
G gLike "g" in go
D dLike "d" in dog
YE yeLike "ye" in yet
YO yoLike "yo" in yonder
Zh zhLike "s" in measure or pleasure
Z zLike "z" in zoo
EE eeLike "ee" in see
I i or Y ylike "y" in boy or toy
K kLike "k" in kitten, "c" in cat.
L lLike "l" in light
M mLike "m" in mat
N nLike "n" in no
Stressed: O oLike "o" in bore
Unstressed: A aLike "a" in car
P pLike "p" in pot
R rLike "r" in run (rolled)
S sLike "s" in sam
T tLike "t" in tap
U uLike "oo" in boot
F fLike "f" in fat
H h, KH khLike "h" in hello
TS tsLike "ts" in bits
CH chLike "ch" in chip
SH sh (hard)Like "sh" in shut
SH sh (soft)Like "sh" in sheep
Hard SignIs not pronounced
I iLike "i" in ill
Soft SignLetter before is soft
E eLike "e" in pet
YU yuLike "u" in use or university
YA yaLike "ya" in yard.


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